Friday, July 15, 2011

Caught Testing: 2013 Dodge Hornet hatchback - Spy Shots

Chrysler is in desperate need of some competitive small cars and Fiat looks ready to help the American automaker fill that gaping hole in its lineup. Based on Fiat’s new C-Evo chassis, this new Dodge midsize sedan/hatchback will be similar in size and shape to the current Alfa Romeo Giulietta—a 5-door hatch that competes with the VW Golf and Ford Focus.
Our spy photographers captured this test mule from nearly every angle. At the front is a pair of high-tech-looking headlamps, visible beneath the front mesh. This car also appears to have a chunkier grille opening than the Alfa—though Dodge officials have previously said the days of the brand’s crosshair grille are numbered. Cast your eyes back and you’ll notice some strange lines running along the center of the car, as well as the rear doors.

This extra sheet metal should make the Dodge noticeably wider and longer than the Giulietta. The rear of this prototype looks well proportioned, with the exception of those peashooter exhausts which look totally out of place in the rear bumper. Kudos for the cool “telephone dial” alloy wheels; long an Alfa trademark, could they add some Italian flair to the Dodge?
Dodge Hornet and Chrysler 100C
Expect Dodge to drop the Caliber name when this car arrives sometime in the middle of 2012. The awkward-looking economy-car/crossover never caught on, so it makes sense to make a fresh start with its replacement. Chrysler is also expected to receive a version of the Fiat/Dodge to slot beneath the 200 sedan. As for names, the Dodge Hornet (used on the brand’s funky little 2006 concept car) and Chrysler 100 seem pretty safe bets.


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  2. From afar, it looks like David Hasselhoff's talking car! Maybe that's what Dodge has been thinking all along! A Knight Rider look-alike!

    Tyra Shortino

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