Thursday, May 19, 2011

Measurer of pressure of I disturb in cloud 2g

To connect the measurer of boost in a Cirrus 04.Lo first that you must do is to connect the current or the cable of current of your measurer in the fuse of the quarters that is in the small box within the car. For the Earth you can take hold a screw and to connect it, later you pass the manguerita there of emptiness (the transparency) upon the column of the direction you are going there to find a packing, that packing you must haul it but much eye, does not leave absolutely, single you must haul it WITH WELL-TAKEN CARE OF so that it passes the manguerita that way... you put all the manguerita by that packing and of the side of the motor it is going to be leaving under the BOOST of the brakes later returns to put the packing in its place.

After there since you across have the tube in the engine compartment, then you arrange yourself to use the T, Where goes the " T "? ah then, you must disconnect the manguerita that goes in the acceleration body
Here in the photo I show to you as it is the hose

IMPORTANT, YOU MUST BUY a HOSE SMALL PIECE OF VACIO FOR INTRUDUCIR IT IN the HOYITO Of the ACCELERATION BODY SINCE NORMALLY " T " EMBONA ASI NADA MAS and already the emptiness (it is transparent) does not go connected in the " conection" of the " T "
Good now the installation you would have left thus:
Also it is important that the measurer with the dull car marks " zero "

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