Thursday, June 2, 2011

JUNE: 2012 Scion iQ

The mini (though not as tiny as a Smart ForTwo) iQ debuts in the U.S. this summer. It's a tweaked version of the Toyota iQ sold globally, with what Scion calls a 3+1 seating configuration. That is, the passenger-side front and rear seats accommodate adult-size humans, as does the driver's seat. But the seat behind the driver is designated for kids or a child seat only. The Scion iQ's exterior looks a little meaner than the Toyota global version, with a revamped grille featuring aero effects and bolder, multispoke rims. The 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine puts out 90 hp and is mated to a CVT. Expect great fuel economy (perhaps up to 50 mpg on the highway) and park-it-anywhere urban utility, as this car is about 6-1/2 feet long—the tiny Toyota Yaris is 5 feet longer! Pricing should be in the $16,000 range. ALSO: The iQ reportedly will be used by Toyota as a platform for a global plug-in electric model coming in 2012. But what piqued our interest most was the hotted-up (with supercharger and roll cage) GRMN iQ Racing Concept, shown at this past year's Tokyo Motor Show.

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